Friday, September 25, 2009

Origins of a fashionista


This blog is about fashion, my personal style and my love for all things beautiful. In future installments I will bring you designer showcases, news about local fashion shows, Style tips and commentary about the bigger fashion world. Today I want to share my fashion origins.

I believe three things about fashion. First, that fashion is the backdrop to a beautiful life. If you want a beautiful life you have to surround yourself with beauty and let go of the ugly. Second, I also believe that great fashion exists at every price point. Third, all women deserve to be beautiful and should have access to what ever their heart desires no matter what their size.

I started out dressing myself. I have always loved clothes and been complemented on my fashion sense. I grew up modestly. I didn't have much in the way of clothes, but every year in September my mother would take me shopping for school clothes and I would pick out my clothes carefully making sure that I could mix and match the pieces with what I already had back home. I learned at a young age to update my look with a few amazing trendy pieces and mix and match them with classics. I was even mixing patterns before it was the thing to do. I have always had a love and propensity toward beautiful things, I am a Libra after all!

I love to shop for accessories. SHOES are my absolute favorite thing to shop for. I have size 11 feet, when I was a kid and I needed new shoes I always had to shop in the women's department. Since I was too young for heels I was forced to wear flats. In those days flats pretty much came in an ugly beige color and were very grandma looking. So I wore boy’s kicks a lot and dressed like a tomboy.

When I was a freshman in college, I discovered NORDSTROM the magical land of large size shoes. My first pair of shoes I bought there were Steve Madden's, pink crocodile embossed leather with wooden heels. I was so excited I wore them everywhere. That is where my obsession began. In recent years I have fallen in love with flats I am so happy that they have taken on so many beautiful shapes, textures, embellishments and colors.

What do I want to do with MY LIFE?

When I was asked as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up I would tell you that “ I wanted to help people” Obviously I needed to narrow it down a bit. As a young woman I maintained a beautiful wardrobe and gave fashion advice to my friends. I drew designs of my own constantly. I never gave a thought to that quiet passion inside me.

Through a long process or exploration I landed on social services. I have a Masters in Sociology and have worked with at risk youth for years. In all that time fashion was in the back of my mind. I had become a fashion Martyr, allowing myself to wear corduroys and cause tee shirts. I was busy being political correct and afraid to be seen as shallow, I had a dilemma I loved two worlds that seemed irreconcilable. Fashion VS compassion an Imaginary argument began in my head over which career path to take I realized along the way that my Plan B had become my plan A and I needed to change the course of my life before it was to late.


I decided to pursue fashion professionally after having the opportunity to shop for and dress several women. Seeing the change in their confidence really made me feel like this was a worthwhile task for my life’s work. I created the designer’s serenity affirmation to remind myself the value of my work in a world that screams for an end to suffering. I have always felt a burden to help others, I will continue to champion the causes close to my heart. I also recognize that to be fulfilled as one person I must have a challenge in my life that I can achieve. “I cannot end world hunger. I cannot cure AIDS. I cannot single handedly put an end to the ravages of war. But I can bring happiness to others by dressing the hell out of em and making fabulous clothes.”

I am most proud that I have helped so many women to create a wardrobe that inspires them and makes them feel confident. As a designer I hope to continue to achieve that goal by making beautiful, well made clothing for women of all sizes. As a stylist I enjoy working with plus size women to create a style that suits they’re body and makes them feel beautiful. I hope to inspire women of all sizes and shapes to first feel great about them selves inwardly and second to express themselves by dressing beautifully.

I have two years of professional experience as a personal shopper. I have

worked as a freelance stylist for five years, focusing primarily on photo shoots and personal styling. I am currently producing a fashion shows and working on the development of my own clothing line.

I have learned that it is never too late to change your life. I have learned that the only difference between the people living they’re dreams and the people who don’t is the courage to go for it full speed and never take no for an answer. I have also learned that life is not a dress rehearsal, you wont get a second chance to live. So if you aren’t happy figure out what it is that will make you happy and do it.