Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whats in for Men- Fall Preview

I am enjoying summer, but the stores have begun showing off the latest trends for fall and I saw my first back to school sale sign last weekend. Now is the time to buy the hot trends for fall  while some of last seasons wares are on sale and the new stuff has just arrived in stores. This will give you the optimal selection to choose from in both sizes and price point.

The top must haves for men this fall.

1) The Plaid Shirt

This is a hot commodity  for fall and looks chic right now. Leave it un-tucked for the coolness factor and never wear them with khaki's or you'll look like a computer science engineer.  For a casual and hip vibe choose a style with asymmetrical plaid design or one with a large print.  If you are more classic and preppy, select a smaller more traditional pattern.

Choosing a plaid shirt with short sleeves allows you to wear the shirt now and get more use out of it. In the fall you can layer it with a long sleeve v-neck tee shirt and a blazer.  If you decide on long sleeves you can roll up the sleeves and wear it open with a v-neck for a casual look.

To dress it up pair a plaid shirt with coordinating solid color tie and a blazer. For fun you can wear the tie loosened around your neck and the top buttons unbuttoned for a "I just got off work and I'm ready to hit the town" look. 


2) Dark Grey Denim

Dark denim is still in.  Buy jeans in dark blue and black. But be sure to get some grey jeans. These jeans look sexy in a whole new way. they are very urban and chic for fall. Remember to cuff them for a fun look.  Also in are men's styles of denim that appear to be more of a dress pant or trouser than jeans.

3)The non- athletic street shoe.

My favorite brands for men are Lacoste, Diesel and good ole for a pair that kind of remind you of bowling shoes but with out the ugly factor. You can also  look for a pair of low top tennis shoes with out a lot of bulk. 

4) Get a time piece other than your cell phone

Get an over sized watch. Men buy a watch! It is sexy and appealing to check the time on your wrist instead of your phone.  And it says to your employer " I care about punctuality and I am a mature man who won't be texting every 5 minutes." I am loving the rose gold and white porcelain styles Michael Kors came out with this year.

5) A Wool Blazer

 A wool Blazer with a funky detail. these jackets are great because you can use them as outerwear and indoors.

6) Scarves

 They are soft and warm and you look sexy in them so don't be afraid to cuddle up with one.

7) Facial hair.
Grow out your goatee a little 5 o'clock shadow, some scruff is sooo sexy on you. And it will help keep your face warm too. Please do not go mountain man on us though that's just disgusting. Doesn't Jake look handsome? (trust me, He does!!! and  all the ladies are enjoying that picture right now.)

8) Layer. Layer. Layer.

Layering  is stylish. weather its a tee shirt peeking out from a shirt collar or a hoodie hanging out from under a leather jacket or your new wool blazer. Layering adds warmth and screams style. I like this asymmetrical  hoodie from Urban Outfitters.

9)  every woman in America thinks Axe stinks so get some real  grown up cologne

I love Dolce and Gabbana,  The One  it smells soooo sexy

10) Confidence in who you are, your manhood, your abilities. A smile on your face, and a thankful heart.

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