Friday, March 26, 2010

My project Runway votes for season 7

We are half way through season seven of project runway. it is at the point where everyone left is talented. If I were the judge I would also take into account attitudes and personalities. We are half way through season seven of project runway. it is at the point where everyone left is talented. If I were the judge I would also take into account attitudes and personalities. MK is still cracking us up with his one line "it looks like..." comments. And Heidi is still pregnant and fabulous. So here is my vote for the overall winner of the Bryant park showdown. Who do you vote for?
The Best designer Seth Aaron- why? because he stays true to his own sense of style, his designs are unique. Each garment is a new fresh take. He has skills and his workmanship is apparent. I think he is the only designer that has successfully made a variety of pieces from dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts and accessories. He is not limited by skill or vision. There is a world market for his iconic looks.
Worst designer Ping- she was just weird... IDK how she even made it on the air let alone past episode 1
Jay second runner up for greatest attitude- he's such a cute boy and I love how he dresses
Best personality and greatest attitude ANTHONY- even when he was eliminated he encouraged others and said to his model "You don't have to have the crown to be the queen." he's always laughing and singing and he is proud of his accomplishments.
Worst attitude- Mila she's always talking about someone behind their back and all she can do is Black and white ooooh big risks there girl friend.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rain can be a chance to shine with a new accessory

When it rains it pours, especially in the Northwest. An umbrella is essential for the fashionista because we both know you won't be sportin the parka with a hood in the spring. I got to thinking the other day, why do you see so many boring black umbrellas everywhere. A beautiful umbrella makes you happy no matter how dreary the weather is. When you see a beautiful umbrella it makes you smile doesn't it? It's like a breath of fresh air and a reminder that there is beauty in the unpleasant things in life. If everyone got a pretty umbrella it would create a garden of color and variety. I challenge you, my readers to find a fun umbrella this spring.

Dogs on the catwalk

Z & Z Apple Of My Eye Tee Xsm Mama's Boy

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I just found a new shop I like. It had a lot of really cool stuff for the home. It is as if I hand picked everything that was going into the store. Among my favorite items is this ceramic deer head. I have been looking all over the internet for a fake deer head. I always wanted to mount one in my closet or entry way to hang necklaces and hats on. They also have a moose head. I think it brings a modern twist to a classic home icon. It is fun and whimsical and you don't have think about the creepy aspects of taxidermy.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I really love teal. It is such a beautiful and relaxing color. It reminds me of a tropical shore line , of the summer sky, the feathers of exotic birds, beautiful stones of topaz, aqua marine, and turquoise. The amazing thing about this color is that it looks good on everyone. If you have pale skin or dark skin. It looks good on you if you have red hair, blond hair or you are a brunette. it is appropriate if you are young or old, male and female, human or even canine. It will look good on anyone. You cant go wrong with teal.

I think that teal is often expected in the summer months. It seems like a color that is often found on teeshirts and swimsuits. It is unexpected in outer wear- these pictures below are inspiring- I totally want a teal coat for fall... right?

How about teal accessories that is another source for the unexpected. I love this watch or you bring some teal into your wardrobe with your shoes or handbag as an accent color. I love teal eyeshadow- it also looks good on everyone.
Teal walls are so chic and really make a room relaxing. The cool thing about teal is that while it is a shade of blue, it is still cheery. It is a happy color. It doesn't make the room gloomy or sad, so you get the same relaxing vibe but with an upbeat happy feeling.
You all know Yellow is my favorite color. Teal makes a great counterpart to yellow. I love the teal accents on this dress and the accessories really make the yellow pop.
I love this damask pillow- teal and white is so pretty. Think Tiffany blue box with a white bow. Summer is coming lots of you will be rockin the white dress try pairing it with teal accessories.
You can wear teal with pretty much any color white, pink, yellow, brown, tan, black and green. It is a pretty versatile color. Be creative. Take a risk. Have fun.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Have you ever gone to forever 21 and tried on a bangel bracelet or ring and flet frustraited that you cant find one that fits? I have, being a plus size girl has it's challenges, you can't always find the cutest clothes, you have a hard time finding belts and boots. Another challenge is finding bangel bracelets and rings. I want to put it out there that there are places you can find chunk jewelry that fits you. Check out they have lots of fun hip stuff.

For the love of birds

The dinning area is the most important part of the home. You want it to be inviting and calm. This dinning area is a clean slate. You will want to select a table and chairs that you like and go from there to build your room. I personally also like to have a side board in the dinning area so that you can store extra dish ware and place extra food and wine nearby. I love the chair rails in this room because they will protect the wall from the chairs and also provide the space some sophistication. I would paint the chair rails teal with white moulding and trim and leave the upper wall white or paint it a lighter blue. There are some cool wall papers you could use as well. I like the aspen tree wall paper at the bottom of the page.

A themed Dinning area is always fun. I was inspired by the peacock dish ware I saw at anthropologie (below). to keep it from looking hoaky I am sticking to a simple color palate of white, black and teal.

A white vase with feathers for a center peice
Teal plates as chargers
Simple blue stem ware and craf
On your side board you can decorate apothecary jars filled with things that remind you of nature. Live plants, eggs etc.
Or use porcelin bird sculptures or dishware with birds on them
Here are the plates that inspired the whole thing

If you want to go all out do your walls with wall paper- My idea is to do teal chair rails with white trim and put wall paper on the top half of the wall. One thing I like about this wall paper is that is is light it wont make the room dark. I like wall paper because it ties in your theme and also serves as art. you wont need any pictures in the room which will help to keep it calm and uncluttered. You can break up the design with a mirror. Which will also reflect light back into the room. As in the dinning room above the windows also bring light into the dinning room. I hate blinds so I would opt for teal curtains
The wallpaper and Bird dish ware is all available at Anthropologie, The wine decanter and stem ware is available at Ikea.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty Of London for Target Launch

Liberty of London was established in 1875 by Arther Liberty. The shops orignal location stood at 218 regent street and is still there to this day. The shop became the most popular and chic place to shop in London. Famous for their textiles which are used in clothing and furniture the fashion house also creates fabric for used by famous designers. In 2005 they launched the luxury accessories brand "Liberty of London" which operates under the creative direction of tamara Salman.

The teapot and mirror below are from the original line in london and would cost you a hefty penny.
Caesar print teapot, £89

122.380 USD

Baroque print pink mirror, £950-

1,306.29 USD

Today Target Launched their Liberty of london line. It was pretty much sold out in every store by 1:00 pm. The products online are pretty much sold out as well., stating " the item is no longer available." Not to fret target will re-order and you can shop to your hearts content.

as you can see they are staying true to the art nouveau style and beautiful florals that made them famous. The price point falls between 19.99- 9.99 for most everything pictured. The bikes are 199.99 which is really affordable for a beach cruiser. The bedding sets run at about 49-69 depending on the size you choose. This stuff is set at an amazing price point. The sales lady at target set that the stuff flew off the shelves like it was gold and that people began lining up at the store at 3 am.

They also have a number of adorable dresses for baby, toddlers, young girls and women. Ties and boxers for men. There are also scarves, shoes, umbrellas and swimsuits. In short I had a blast exploring the new line. Congratulations Target on a genius partnership. May you all enjoy the splendid plunder

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Four I adore for under $100.

Lets get some shoes, lets get some shoes,
lets get some shoes... omg shoes !
Have you ever seen a pair of shoes that made you
so excited you just had run to them, snatch them off the
shelves and jump up and down as though you had found
the holy grail?? Well these sandals will be sure to knock
your socks off just in time for spring.

Shoe designers are really steppin it up these days. Too bad none of these come in my size (11) but I had to share the love because if I cant have them someone should.

All four Pairs are available at they also offer free shipping if you order in the store.

1. Naughty Monkey 'Guilt Trip 2' Sandal 69.99

2. Melissa 'Floral' Sandal, $90.
This shoe also comes in black and clear

3. N.Y.L.A. 'Pura'Sandal, 69.95
This shoe comes in pewter and black

4. Poetic Licence 'Bayou Nights' Sandal, 88.95
This also come in metallic purple with a berry rose. These are so adorable they can play up the femme aspects of a cute nautical look or take you out for summer cocktails in a cute lil dress. They remind me of shoes carrie Bradshaw would wear if she wanted to take a break from heels.