Sunday, April 25, 2010

SJP's Shades

Sex and the City 2 is coming soon. I am so excited to see the girls in action again and spend the evening with my  own beloved girlfriends. 'm so loving aviators right now. Look at this sexy pair SJP wears in the movie. These totally fab sunglasses are imited Edition Bernhard Willhelm/Mykita sunglasses  and they cost $500.  I  tend to drop my sun glasses or knock them off my head.  I don't know about you but i'd feel a lot better about a $55 pair of sunglasses getting scratched than a $500 pair. Have you ever had a pair of sun glasses you absolutley loved and lost them? Ever wished you could buy several pairs of  the hottest trend ever.  Today is your lucky day !!

Mirrored Lens Aviator Shades  available in gold, silver and black frames

UB Black Frame & Mirrored Lens Aviator 3-Pack w/ Drawstring Sunglass Pouch

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Current handbag trends reflect bold color, hardware, texture and a nod to utilitarian fashion concept of style. A bags purpose is utilitarian that is, the bag must be useful for hauling stuff. Hail the satchel a sturdy bag for everyday use. Most satchels have both a cross body strap and short handles.

(Left) Apple Green Goldenbleu shoulder bag, (Right) Blueberry Coach Poppy Satchel.

Here are two of my favorite bags in my personal collection. Not only are they beautiful, but they are sturdy, I can carry them hands free and I love the convenience of the outside pockets. The items I need to reach easily (cell phone, Car keys, lipstick and mirror) are at my finger tips so i don't have to waste time looking for the things I use most often. Its so great because I never loose my car keys in the bottom of a dark bag or have to dump out the entire contents of bag to find a pen. I get lots of compliments on my green bag because of the bright color, but what most people notice is that the bag has a mini clutch on the outside which they always seem to have been wishing for in a bag.

This spring I have noticed that many designers are making bags with the organizational pockets on the outside of the bag. I think thats really sweet. Each of these bags below come in a variety of colors and are currently available at

Coach $358

Coach $898

Chloe, $555

Chloe, $555

Ted Baker $195

Kate Spade, $325

Michael Kors, $448

Rebecca Minkoff $635

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jewelry for the Sole

I really like shoes. I really like Jewelry. When the two come together I can not help but fall in love. I got these Steve Maddens at Nordstrom. I found two really cool websites that you may never heard of before. Both have a selection of really unique jeweled sandals. Check out You should also check out also check out Bleow are some finds from

Saturday, April 17, 2010

DIY Project


I found this picture in the Harpers Bazaar magazine (March 2010, page 196) and
I thought, this is the perfect idea to put to use all the charms and pendents I have collected over the years. It belongs to one of the members of the Missoni Family, Margherita.

I used a solid brass chain from Ace hardware. The charms are a collection of old pendants, semiprecious beads, my grandmas watch and even an asian coin a cherished friend gave me.
some of these pendants I have had since I was a child. This piece of jewelry will make a bold statement and also be personal and sentimental

You will need wire cutters, 2 pair of plyers, a yard of chain in your choice of material. You will also need head pins, Jump rings and an assortment of charms and beads.

Step 1- take the chain and decide the length you want your necklace to be. If you make it long enough to fit over your head it will be a stronger necklace and you wont have to deal with using a clasp.

Step two- You will not need to cut the chain. All Chain links have an open side. Simply take one pair of the plyers and hold the chin link you want to detach with the plyers. With the other pair of plyers pull the link apart. Use the open link to attach both ends of the chain to make a circle. Close the link using the same method.

Step 3- Take some of the extra chain length and make a second tier. Decide where you want it to fall on your chest. Use the same method in step to to make the attachment.

Step 4-Keep the extra chain length handy. You will use the links to attach charms to your necklace. Now you are ready to start applying your charms and beads. Some charms will have big enough hols for you to use your chain link to attach them to your necklace, others won't. In these cases use a jump ring to attach charms with smaller holes, then use extra links to attch to your necklace. If you want to attach beads take a head pin and poke it through the hole. Make a loop at the top and use a chain link to attach it to your necklace.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From the runway to your life

If you are like me. You want clothes that reflect the current trends from the seasons runway shows. I am inspired by the runway and the energetic pulse of the fashion industry. The designer collections are expensive and out of reach for most of us. As a plus size woman however they are virtually unattainable. Alas I must find other ways of making my wardrobe fashion forward and relevant. I mix high and low cost garments and accessories to achieve my own personal style. In addition I do my research, I flip through all the major fashion magazines, I watch the major runway shows and shop around to get an idea of what is available to me and what the trends are. I take notes as I am doing my research. I note the trends and look for them in my current wardrobe. Trends are often recycled every few years. So something you bought 3 years ago may be a hot item again in a few years. I rarley throw anything away. When I do shop I look for items that hit several of the trends so I get more bang for my buck. Here are several plus size trend hitting suggestions. Available online and in local retailers nationwide.

Exhibit A: Old Navy top, $26.50
Trends it hits
  • Ruffles
  • Florals
  • Painterly brush strokes
  • Hi contrast color. (black, white, grey and yellow)
Try it with a black pencil skirt for work or wear it with Khaki board shorts

Exhibit B: Lane Bryant top, $29.50
Trends it hits
  • Modern graphic print
  • 3 Dimentional embellishment
Wear it with Jeans and a leather jacket or a menswear suit

Exhibit C: Torrid Dress, $48.00
Trends it hits
  • Grey is the new black
  • Runching at the shoulder for a strong looking shoulder
  • Heavy hard wear studded belt
Wear it with various accessories for different looks
Exhibit D: Lane Bryant sweater, $59.50
Trends it hits
  • Modern Graphic Print
  • Asymetrical one sholder
Wear it with denim or wear it with a black skirt for a sexy evening look
Exhibit E: Lane Bryant blouse, $49.50
Trends it hits
  • Sheer fabric
  • Ruffles at the base
  • Animal print
  • Sequins
Wear it with shorts and strappy sandals or with jeans and boots in the fall
Exhibit F: Lane Bryant top, $44.50
Trends it hits
  • Sheer fabric
  • Texture
  • Animal print
Wear it with jeans, leggings or tuck it into a pencil skirt and belt it

Exhibit G: Target romper, $24.99
Trends it hits
  • It is a one piece romper
  • Ruffles
  • African tribal print
Wear it with sandals the beauty of a one piece is you don't have to think to hard

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brooch-ing the subject

Your grandmother knew they were in good taste. Michelle Obama knows it too. Ladies bring back the brooch. Where have you hidden them? You know, those gaudy pins you inherited from your mom that you swore you would never wear. They are HOT right now so you may want to eat your words. The brooch is no longer an elders only accessory. Pile them on your lapel. Pin one to a fabric headband or tie a ribbon around your waste and pin a brooch on the bow for a sassy belt. You can also add one to your hand bag. For a fun DIY project pin several coordinating brooches to a fat chain for a chunky one of a kind necklace.

Storage ideas. I store mine on a fabric board. This way I get to enjoy my collection everyday even when I am not wearing them. If you prefer to store them out of sight you can buy ice trays and place each brooch in a separate compartment. This will keep them from clanging into each other and becoming damaged.