Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From the runway to your life

If you are like me. You want clothes that reflect the current trends from the seasons runway shows. I am inspired by the runway and the energetic pulse of the fashion industry. The designer collections are expensive and out of reach for most of us. As a plus size woman however they are virtually unattainable. Alas I must find other ways of making my wardrobe fashion forward and relevant. I mix high and low cost garments and accessories to achieve my own personal style. In addition I do my research, I flip through all the major fashion magazines, I watch the major runway shows and shop around to get an idea of what is available to me and what the trends are. I take notes as I am doing my research. I note the trends and look for them in my current wardrobe. Trends are often recycled every few years. So something you bought 3 years ago may be a hot item again in a few years. I rarley throw anything away. When I do shop I look for items that hit several of the trends so I get more bang for my buck. Here are several plus size trend hitting suggestions. Available online and in local retailers nationwide.

Exhibit A: Old Navy top, $26.50
Trends it hits
  • Ruffles
  • Florals
  • Painterly brush strokes
  • Hi contrast color. (black, white, grey and yellow)
Try it with a black pencil skirt for work or wear it with Khaki board shorts

Exhibit B: Lane Bryant top, $29.50
Trends it hits
  • Modern graphic print
  • 3 Dimentional embellishment
Wear it with Jeans and a leather jacket or a menswear suit

Exhibit C: Torrid Dress, $48.00
Trends it hits
  • Grey is the new black
  • Runching at the shoulder for a strong looking shoulder
  • Heavy hard wear studded belt
Wear it with various accessories for different looks
Exhibit D: Lane Bryant sweater, $59.50
Trends it hits
  • Modern Graphic Print
  • Asymetrical one sholder
Wear it with denim or wear it with a black skirt for a sexy evening look
Exhibit E: Lane Bryant blouse, $49.50
Trends it hits
  • Sheer fabric
  • Ruffles at the base
  • Animal print
  • Sequins
Wear it with shorts and strappy sandals or with jeans and boots in the fall
Exhibit F: Lane Bryant top, $44.50
Trends it hits
  • Sheer fabric
  • Texture
  • Animal print
Wear it with jeans, leggings or tuck it into a pencil skirt and belt it

Exhibit G: Target romper, $24.99
Trends it hits
  • It is a one piece romper
  • Ruffles
  • African tribal print
Wear it with sandals the beauty of a one piece is you don't have to think to hard

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