Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday wishlist

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Every year I buy myself a gift, this year I bought myself a bonzai tree. I have wanted one ever since I was a little girl and I watched Mr. Miogi trimming his collection on Karate Kid... the original. If you are thinking about getting me a gift, everyone knows I like sparkly things but I think I have reached the quota of jewlery one person can own in a life time. so I put together a list to help you all :) Before you judge me think Rachel and Monica of "friends" and stick to the list people ha ha JK! But seriously we are living in hard economic times and people are just buying less and investing more in the things they really want. You don't want to buy somone something they will re-gift, store or think of as clutter.   If you are looking for a gift for me or another girlie girl in your life these are some great ideas...

 1. Gossip girl season 2 and 3 on dvd

2.  sex in the city  the movie 2 on dvd (is it out yet?)

3. peace love and juicy couture purfume

4. saint cupcake red velvet cupcakes or the toasted coconut ones ha ha

5.  measuring spoons from anthropologie 28

6.  4 of these great glasses from anthropologie 12 each 

7. A gift card to home goods, Ikea or Target for new bedding and towels

8. Fresh flowers to enjoy

9. Movie theatre gift certificates

10. offer to help me move :) ha ha

Inspired Spaces

Shades of Grey

Neutrals... are an important foundation to any wardrobe. I have been in love with grey since college and it is funny that it is now the IT color for fall.  I choose it as my fave neutral because I can not wear khacki well since my skin is the same color. White gets dirty easily and black.... well lets just say I have a pomeranian nuf said.

As I get ready to move into my apartment I am pulling together the look for my space with this amazing grey sofa. It will set off the yellow and teal room decor I have picked to accent the space. I want the room to be modern with clean lines and open space. Below is the catalog picture from west elm of the sofa.

I can't wait for you all to see the space.  Look forward to joining me for a virtual tour soon. Check out  blog post my "design plan"  from March 8th 2010 for my inspiration.  What do you think? Below is the love seat version.