Monday, January 3, 2011


For my living room I wanted a space that I could relax in that was also suitable for entertaining guests. I wanted it to be comfortable and fun. I chose to go with neutrals of black, white and grey and I wanted to accent with a single color. I debated about red, which seemed too expected. I played with the idea of using yellow and finally landed on teal. Various teal accents including, a vase, lamp shades, a throw, pillows, a teal frame and the use of teal paint in several of the art peices pull the room together. The result is a cool unique room. I have a rather large (and) growing collection of original artwork and it was important to me to showcase as much of my collection as possible without overwhelming the color palate of the room. Future plans for the space include a mirrored cabinent for the TV that will double as a bar.  Possibly painting the walls a light teal blue and the addition of an accent chair.
 The sofa is a modern shape  covered with  a soft dove grey velvet.  West Elm.

The far corner of the room features a collection of art that represents natural history in a mixed hodge podge of  frames in  gilded gold, silver  and modern black.

Shelf detail one: The book case from ikea was inexpensive and is home to my favorite books. It is important to get rid of clutter and keep your books down to a minimum so that the space is not overwhelmed. To keep the display interesting I mixed in some of my collections to decorate the shelves. I brought these inlayed boxes home with me from a trip to Israel. The shells were collected from all my travels. I found most of them myself on an actuall beach which makes them extra special.

Shelf detail two: In the forground of this shelf I placed a family photo and a  beloved sculpture. Yes that is me when I was one day old.

Grouping like artwork together on a wall helps to showcase your collection. Here I have grouped my pop art collection. I used various frames to play with proportions, texture and color.

 The symetry created by flanking the paining with coordinating lamps draws your eye to the painting creating a focal point in the room.  I did not want the focal point of the room to be  the TV, so I kept it small and I hope to later up grade to a cabinent where the TV can be hidden inside when not in use.

Detail of a floral arrangement. I love birds and cherry blossoms which are both a personal todem of mine. These add a fun and unexpected component to the room.