Monday, May 23, 2011

Halston Heritage bags OMG!!! I LOVE IT

Detail picture of  panels
 I was driving around town the other day doing errands, you know the usuall, groceries, filling the gas tank, G. T. L. :)  I decided to stop into Nords Rack to see if they had any great deals. I saw a bag that caught my eye. It was a super pretty bag with a rose gold leather detail and  it had a gold chain handle. Two trends I know are pretty hot right now so I snagged it. later when I got home I did some research and I am sooooo excited about this bag. Everyone who reads my blog knows how much I love SJP!!!! well I just learned (late for a fashionista) that Sara Jessica Parker is the president and creative director for Halston Heritage. Halston Heritage is the new diffusion line launched in 2009.  SJP wore a few of teh inagural designs on teh set of the Sex and teh city 2 set. It is inspired by the Halston archives and the glamourous fashion of the 1970's studio 54 crowd.  Described as retro-chic the clothes are effortlessly elegant and fun.

I read the ELLE  article a while ago, when they announced that SJP had a new line, but what I didn't know is how affordable her line would be. When she took on her first fashion job creating a line for Steve and Barry's I was diaspointed by the lack of quality and luxury in the clothes. This venture is nothing like that one. My bag is a sumptuous leather with a weighty gold chain, and soft cotton lining. The dust bag is even luxurious. It makes you feel like you have something special on your arm. ARM CANDY :) The  bag was originally $400 and I scored it for $99!!!!  even if you pay full price they're about the same cost as Coach, Marc by Marc Jacobs and  the Juicy Couture brand  bags.  If I ever get to meet SJP I want her to sign it. You know me I don't get all excited about sports or go to concets and chant Lady Gaga's name. But fashion... that I get excited about and SJP is my fashion icon. So this bag is kismit! It totally makes up for the Dolce bag i passed up several years ago and never stopped dreaming of and  it makes up for my Marc Jacobs yellow bag debockle too. Im sooo happy to take this lill girl home and put her in my closet with her new family of designer duds.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nude Feet

They say nude is the new black. Nude accessories are modern and sophisticated. They scream sexy because you look… well, nude. Think about it, a nude belt at first glance say’s my middrift is showing and causes men to take a second glance. Lace over-layed on nude fabric makes people stop in their tracks and ask themselves “does she have something on under that.”  The Sex and The City character Carrie Bradshaw made the “naked dress” an icon.

The Spring 2011 runway was a study in minimalism.  The minimalist trend was the most prominant trend  on the runway. Designers like Chloe, Jil Sander, Max Mara, Celine , Calvin Klein and Helmut Lang all showcased nude, simplistic designs with clean, sleek lines. The key components of  achieving a minimalist look are to utilize a limited color palette and sleek basic geometric shapes to create something fresh and sophisticated.

Celebraties have been wearing nude shoes on the red carpet with bright onsombles for the past few seasons. I love this look. Wearing nude tone shoes makes your legs look longer and slimmer. The shoe doesn’t pop  at first glance so it keeps the focus on the dress.

To achieve this look find shoes in nude tones that match or complement your skin tone. For spring and summer look for strappy sandals, pumps and wedges.
Follow these tips for your skin tone
For pale skin choose shoes in shades of Ivory, light taupe and soft pink in any material. Natural linen looks great with this skin tone. These shades also look amazing in suede.
For darker medium tan to olive tones choose a shoe in tan,  camel or medium taupe. Look for shoes in patent leather the shine will make the shoe look more nude than tan. You can also get shoes made from nubuck leather, cork, hemp or other natural materials.
For dark brown complexions  this trend is tricky, but you can pull it off .   Brown shoes just look like brown shoes so simply matching your skin color won’t say “nude.”  In order to pull this off  look for a shimery patent leather brown shoe with plumb or copper undertones. Keep the outfit up top neutral as well.  Make sure the the colors of your clothes are “brown friendly” olive green, tans, white, and other natural/minamalist colors work best. The other way for women with a dark complexion to wear the nude trend is to ignore the match your skin tone rule and wear traditionally nude colors of soft pink and  light cafe colors. The constrast  of “nude” with dark brown skin is undeniably sexy. If you go this route you can wear bright colors with your “nude” shoes.
Shoe Revolt has so beautiful shoes that follow this trend for every size and skin tone
Shoe Revolt item number 1611, Size 8

Shoe Revolt item number 1591, size 10

Shoe revolt item number 1600, size 8.5

Shoe Revolt Item Number 1603, size 9

Shoe Revolt Item number 1619, size 11

Shoe revolt item number 1604, size 6

Shoe Revolt item number 1482, size 11

Shoe Revolt item number 1614, size 7

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Booties For Every Occasion

Booties have been a hot trend this year. You can expect to see booties continue to be a strong look throughout the spring and summer months. The bootie is a highly versitle  shoe, it can be worn with virtually any outfit you can concive of throwing together. The heel keeps it sexy and chic, while the boot look and old world charm make it casual enough to be worn with jeans. 
To master the art of styling use these simple tips.
For a night time look- Pick a pair of booties made from a high gloss material such a polished leather or patent leather.  Look for styles with  fun embellishments such as spikes, crystals, chains and other hard wear.   Open toe styles are also fun for evening. 
For a day time look- look for a pair with laces for a casual look. Tobacco  and camel colored leather look great with prairie chic, bohemian and military inspired looks. Choosing a flesh tone that matches your skin color will set off a bright colored dress quite nicely.  
Booties are compatible with various trends and seasonal attire. In the cold weather months they can be worn with long pants or tights and a sweater dress. In the warmer climate they look great with a floral frock or a pair of shorts.
Celebrities wearing booties with formal, casual and sophisticated outfits

Booties on the runway worn with unlimited style possibilities

Booties are as  fun and hip for young women as they are age apropriate for older women. They truley are the go to shoe for any outfit.

Miley Cirus in a fun open toe pair of booties

A floral frock paired with booties and a leather jacket keeps a floral dress from looking too girlie. Look for floral dresses with dark background colors such as black, grey or navy blue.

These dresses have floral patterns with a dark background. Making them versitile enough to be worn year round when paired with layers.

Shoe Revolt Item # 1545, size 8

Shoe Revolt Item # 1646, size 7

Shoe Revolt Item # 1463, size 9.5
Shoe Revolt item # 1483, size 11

These booties would be a fun warm weather pair.  love the Mary Jane style of the front and the  high ankle strap. The vintage inspired  silver wing details make them unique. This is a limited designer shoe sample so snag them while you can.