Saturday, April 17, 2010

DIY Project


I found this picture in the Harpers Bazaar magazine (March 2010, page 196) and
I thought, this is the perfect idea to put to use all the charms and pendents I have collected over the years. It belongs to one of the members of the Missoni Family, Margherita.

I used a solid brass chain from Ace hardware. The charms are a collection of old pendants, semiprecious beads, my grandmas watch and even an asian coin a cherished friend gave me.
some of these pendants I have had since I was a child. This piece of jewelry will make a bold statement and also be personal and sentimental

You will need wire cutters, 2 pair of plyers, a yard of chain in your choice of material. You will also need head pins, Jump rings and an assortment of charms and beads.

Step 1- take the chain and decide the length you want your necklace to be. If you make it long enough to fit over your head it will be a stronger necklace and you wont have to deal with using a clasp.

Step two- You will not need to cut the chain. All Chain links have an open side. Simply take one pair of the plyers and hold the chin link you want to detach with the plyers. With the other pair of plyers pull the link apart. Use the open link to attach both ends of the chain to make a circle. Close the link using the same method.

Step 3- Take some of the extra chain length and make a second tier. Decide where you want it to fall on your chest. Use the same method in step to to make the attachment.

Step 4-Keep the extra chain length handy. You will use the links to attach charms to your necklace. Now you are ready to start applying your charms and beads. Some charms will have big enough hols for you to use your chain link to attach them to your necklace, others won't. In these cases use a jump ring to attach charms with smaller holes, then use extra links to attch to your necklace. If you want to attach beads take a head pin and poke it through the hole. Make a loop at the top and use a chain link to attach it to your necklace.

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