Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty Of London for Target Launch

Liberty of London was established in 1875 by Arther Liberty. The shops orignal location stood at 218 regent street and is still there to this day. The shop became the most popular and chic place to shop in London. Famous for their textiles which are used in clothing and furniture the fashion house also creates fabric for used by famous designers. In 2005 they launched the luxury accessories brand "Liberty of London" which operates under the creative direction of tamara Salman.

The teapot and mirror below are from the original line in london and would cost you a hefty penny.
Caesar print teapot, £89

122.380 USD

Baroque print pink mirror, £950-

1,306.29 USD

Today Target Launched their Liberty of london line. It was pretty much sold out in every store by 1:00 pm. The products online are pretty much sold out as well., stating " the item is no longer available." Not to fret target will re-order and you can shop to your hearts content.

as you can see they are staying true to the art nouveau style and beautiful florals that made them famous. The price point falls between 19.99- 9.99 for most everything pictured. The bikes are 199.99 which is really affordable for a beach cruiser. The bedding sets run at about 49-69 depending on the size you choose. This stuff is set at an amazing price point. The sales lady at target set that the stuff flew off the shelves like it was gold and that people began lining up at the store at 3 am.

They also have a number of adorable dresses for baby, toddlers, young girls and women. Ties and boxers for men. There are also scarves, shoes, umbrellas and swimsuits. In short I had a blast exploring the new line. Congratulations Target on a genius partnership. May you all enjoy the splendid plunder

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