Friday, March 19, 2010


I really love teal. It is such a beautiful and relaxing color. It reminds me of a tropical shore line , of the summer sky, the feathers of exotic birds, beautiful stones of topaz, aqua marine, and turquoise. The amazing thing about this color is that it looks good on everyone. If you have pale skin or dark skin. It looks good on you if you have red hair, blond hair or you are a brunette. it is appropriate if you are young or old, male and female, human or even canine. It will look good on anyone. You cant go wrong with teal.

I think that teal is often expected in the summer months. It seems like a color that is often found on teeshirts and swimsuits. It is unexpected in outer wear- these pictures below are inspiring- I totally want a teal coat for fall... right?

How about teal accessories that is another source for the unexpected. I love this watch or you bring some teal into your wardrobe with your shoes or handbag as an accent color. I love teal eyeshadow- it also looks good on everyone.
Teal walls are so chic and really make a room relaxing. The cool thing about teal is that while it is a shade of blue, it is still cheery. It is a happy color. It doesn't make the room gloomy or sad, so you get the same relaxing vibe but with an upbeat happy feeling.
You all know Yellow is my favorite color. Teal makes a great counterpart to yellow. I love the teal accents on this dress and the accessories really make the yellow pop.
I love this damask pillow- teal and white is so pretty. Think Tiffany blue box with a white bow. Summer is coming lots of you will be rockin the white dress try pairing it with teal accessories.
You can wear teal with pretty much any color white, pink, yellow, brown, tan, black and green. It is a pretty versatile color. Be creative. Take a risk. Have fun.

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