Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Out article

Designs by Alean Simone
will be among the vacation ready
wares of local designers and
retailers featured in Invasion’s
resort wear‐themed show.

Not That Kind of Cruising:

Invasion Puts Resort Wear Fashion First

Tired of being cold and wet already? Does credit card debt really rev your en- gine? Maybe it’s time to start planning a winter sabbatical. Fabulous Portland nightspot Invasion wants to help you perfect your tropical look—take a mini- holiday down to their Fashion First event on First Thursday, December 3!

This resort wear-themed show will display the vacay-ready creations of several local designers and retailers. “It’s starting to get a lot colder and people are starting to get out of town for vacation!” says Lisa Taylor, stylist and event coordinator. Even if you won’t be departing to Biarritz or St. Croix for the winter, drink specials and deals from participating retailers will get you in a sultry mood. “We’ll even have nautically-themed men in their underwear!” exclaims Invasion marketing director Joshua Ryan.

Invasion has made a name for itself in the gay nightlife scene with astonishing efficiency, due in part to hosting events like Fashion First that capture a distinctive Portland community aesthetic. “We plan to use local talent across-the-board,” adds Taylor. “We’re focused on providing all parties involved with an opportunity to build their portfolios and network with other like-minded individuals.”

Fashion comes first at 8 p.m. De- cember 3. Invasion is at 412 SW Fourth Street (503-226-7777, www.invasionpdx. com) and, as a nightclub, is 21 and over. (It’s also a java joint by day.) Can’t make this show? You’re in luck—Invasion hosts its Fashion First parties every first Thursday through 2010, and future themes will include vintage wear and a pet fashion show. Woof!

– Nick Mattos

Article about fashion first in the November 20th issue of Just Out Newspaper , "Not That Kind of Cruising: Invasion Puts Resort Wear Fashion First" by Nick Mattos

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