Sunday, November 8, 2009


As a young woman, who wants to dress my age I find it difficult to incorporate silk scarves into my wardrobe. I am occasionally drawn to them because they are beautiful, but I would never wear one draped over my shoulder as an older woman may do. The rule of thumb: If the scarf it is not made to keep you warm, don't wear it around your neck unless you are over 40. It's a dated look, used to add color to boring suits in conservative environments. Prada had some good ideas on the run way this season as seen above. Use one as a sarong around the bottom of your dress. Tie one on as an Obo belt, or use two identical ones to tie up a pair of sandals. You can also use them to decorate your hand bag. I use scarves all the time in fashion shoots as tops. Tie one around your chest as a sexy tube top or drape it around your neck and cross it in front over your chest for a different style. You can also drape one around your neck and belt it to hold it securely in place over your chest. This look works best if you use a thick corset style belt. Some scarves are collectors items. If you find a scarf you really like at a thrift store I suggest buying it. Look up the label you may be suprized I once found a vintage Salvatore Ferragamo scarf for $1 dollar that is now worth $500.

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