Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Style Icons

My personal style icons? I love Sex in The City!!!!!!!
I find that at some point we are all a little inspired by one of the four characters. Samantha the sexy, vibrant, vixen. Charlette elegant, classic and lady like styles. Miranda- au natural and Carrie, expressive and fun. By far Carrie Bradshaw has to be my favorite character. Her High low budget is ridiculous and sometimes I have caught myself doing the same thing. Carrie would wear a "$700 pair of shoes with a $7 dress." I wear a $300 blazer with a .45 cent clutch or a $700 bag with a $24 dress. I am also really inspired by Gossip Girl. I love Serena's edgy high end rocker looks, Blair’s sophistication, Vanessa's Bohemien chic. I think that is the power of fashion, you get to retain your own character and personality but try on different personas and dress to fit your current mood.

I am inspired by Marc Jacobs he is always pushing the envelope on architecture, and the juxtaposition of patterns and textures. I love Chanel- always classic, aways ladylike and beautiful. I also love Michael Kors he is talented and I love his fall line. Every year he does some jacket or coat in a bright color that I just fall over my self to get. Right now I’m really into this amazing green jacket he made last year. It has gold buttons and chains at the hips. But I put a new spin on it with an assortment of antique brooches with a royal military-esk feel to them.

What magazines do I read? Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, In Style, Neon ...pretty much everything. I think it is important to have an idea of what’s out there at all price points. As a stylist I need to know what the offerings are at all times.

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