Friday, May 28, 2010

Girls Night Out

The Charlettes

The winning Samantha                                             The winning Miranda

Yesterday Sex And The City 2 opened. I went to see it and it was Hillarious. Very, Very, Very funny. More opulent than the first one and the clothes? Pure Awe.  I will say that I think it was better than the first one. and I will also say to my christian sisters youll have to cover your eyes a few times :) I did.

Bridgeport Village is hosting a number of special events all weekend long. There are special happy hours and give aways. Many shops have special discounts on their merchandise. Where ever there are sex and teh city inspired deals youll likely see pink balloons marking the doorways.

The  runner up                                     the winning Carrie
Before the movie women competed in a look alike contest sponsored by Z100 and K 103. there were prizes given away for the best Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlette. as well as teh best foursome. Amidst the pouring down rain and thunder and lightening women quotes their favorite lines from the show and modeled their sex and the city onsoms for a chance to win saweet prizes.

Belive it or not I actually won second place in the Carrie contest. My quote " I was cruising down the avenue  on the search for a seven dollar dress to go with my seven hundred dollar shoes when I made a wrong turn."

I scored this amazing flower pin at forever 21 it Has rine stones as the stamens Love it!!! That really pulled off the "Carrie- ness" I also wore beautiful red pumps

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