Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What to pack on vacation

When going on vacation it is important to take with you the clothes you love. It doesn't matter if they are brand new, new to you or old favorites. The goal is for you to look your best while having the time of your life. I always pack a mixture of styles so I will be prepared for anything that may cross my path.  I may be going on a beach vacation and think all I will need is beach attire, but you may end up wanting to go hiking or horse back ridding when you get there so its always a good idea to pack a pair of jeans and tennis shoes. On my most recent trip  to San Diego we wanted to go to a fancy dinner. I had packed a cocktail dress and a sequin bag just incase.  I didnt have to feel out of place in one of the nations most beautiful and luxurious hotels.  It is also good to remember that if you dress nice when you travel you can sometimes get bumped up to first class.

I always pack an extra bag in case I go shopping on the trip which invariably always happens. I like  my Lesport Sac over nighter bag. It squishes nicley in between all my belongings on the way there taking up as little room as possible.  The best part, you dont have to worry about it loosing its shape.

I also like to pack a big beach bag so I can carry mags and towles to the beach. This neon leapard bag is from Forever 21.  Swim Suit Alean Simone, Sarong Old navy scarf its wide and long enough to cover you. For beach sandles its fun to rock an old  pair mettalic leather sandles. Its unexpected and more fashion forward than rubber flip flops.
Of course you will also want to pack an assortment of tops, crops, shorts and skirts or dresses for your day time activities. Here are four looks I took with me

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