Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Thursday, Portland OR

 On the last thursday of every month NE Alberta street hosts a huge arts and craft sidewalk sale. Hundreds of people turn out for dancing in the street, good food, and an all around celebration of the arts.  Independent artisans sell their wares at affordable rates and street performers liven up the scene with a multitude of creative talent. Below are some of the items I saw for sale that I think are super sweet! These Vintage floral pins are made from floral motif buttons and  beads. This is the artist you can also find her amazing paintings at  

These head bands and clutches were adorable  and are available at revolution of the

These necklaces and pendants with images inside are really cute and unique

Buttons covered in fabrics like mirino wool and cashmere are fun. You can also get embrodiered buttons with horse shoes, a lucky rabbit foot, bikes and anything you can imagine.  Contact Aaron settlemier at

Below: Really cool patches for sewing on  sweatshirts, bags etc. check out

These guys make "gliders" Really artistic pleather ankle cuffs for the back of high tops and boots.

I got this painting for 30! I am in love with it. It's beauty and the beast. I cant wait to get a really cool herloom frame for it.

Other notable favorites were the beautiful femine drawings by Brenda Dunn. I bought two Japaneese inspired drawings.  check them out at

I also enjoyed the lace and chain designs by  Marisa Howard. you can check out her jewlry, cards and journals at

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