Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As Carrie Bradshaw said in SATC2 " I've been cheating on fashion with furniture." Oh so true. This is the final installment of home sweet home my apartment is finally furnished. The dinning room is simple, 3 parts quirky and 8  parts sophisticated. But I think it is a fun space for me to eat and sew.

I love to cook and I love to entertain. I wanted  to create a simple and open space to eat in.  Bon appetit mon cheri," loosly translates to "enjoy your food, my darling" it's the perfect wall piece to make the space a dinning room with high style. The filigree frame is so chic and fun.  a great find from  IKEA for around 30 bucks.

Thisdinning set included 4 chairs, but I like the uncluttered s implicity of using two. It looks like an inviting table for two is a romantic cafe in Paris. I can bring in the other chairs when I need them and use them on the back porch for dinning outside the rest of the time. 

These prints were given to me by a friend who went to Paris. The feature the drawings of famous artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,  who created the advertising posters for the moulin Rouge. I used this black  filigree shelf to showcase some of my hobnail milk glass collection and porcelin.

The kitchen has been a fun place to cook. The major appliances are stainless steel and the counters are granite. I just have a few decorations in there to keep the overall theme of the space. Yellow teal and red pop in the otherwise neutral space. The yellow pops with the lemons, the kitchen rug and the tea kettle.  Pops of teal  accent the space with teal towels, artwork and dishware. The small kitchen  appliances like the toaster and blender are  red and chrome. I also have some red artwork and ceramic in the space.

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