Sunday, November 11, 2012

Denim Display

Denim is a high use item and should be easily accessible.

If you are like me you've got denim pouring out of your dresser drawers, draped over chairs and tossed in the corner of your bedroom. My jeans take up three drawers in my dresser and since I wear them so often they very rarely make it back in the dresser for very long. I used to stack my denim on the floor of my closet, a trick i learned from my college roomie. But since I now have two Pomeranians that is out of the question, as any clothing within their reach becomes their new bed.

I was searching for a creative storage solution  and I found one while shopping at a vintage boutique. They hung all their denim on the wall with hooks. I can't screw 50 hooks in my wall since I live in an apartment so I looked for hooks I could hang in my closet. I found these cool shower curtain hangers at Target. All you have to do is bend the hook open a little wider  to fit your closet rod and presto. You can also use this idea to hang hand bags, coats and other items you want readily accessible.

Shower curtain hooks. Target 12 pack for $7.99
These come in brass, gun metal and silver finish.

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