Friday, October 18, 2013

Festive fall decorations tutorial

It has been said "to be interested in the changing seasons is a much happier state than to be helplessly in love with spring." I am a spring and summer kind of girl, but I appreciate fall. The changing leaves, boots and scarves, hot apple cider. Halloween and thanksgiving are fun holidays. Each year I decorate my home for the changing holidays. This year I am decorating for a harvest themed birthday party for a precious little boy. I will post pictures after the event. But I thought I'd share a tutorial on making chevrron pumpkins and the floral arrangements I made for the party. These decorations will last through the season because they are not carved. I will be able to enjoy them until it is time to decorate for Christmas.

For the chevron pumpkins you'll need spray paint and matching nail polish. (I used white spray paint so I used white nail polish.) You can also use hobby paint. You will also need painters tape, an exacto knife, goo gone, q tips, newspaper and a plastic tarp or drop cloth. If you don't have this just use several garbage bags.

First you will need to scrub your pumpkins and dry them off. let  them sit for a few hours to make sure they are dry.

Next apply tape in a zig zag pattern around your pumpkin. Don't worry if the tape is overlapping or sticking out, you will fix this with the exacto knife after. Once you have placed all the tape for the chevron pattern. Clean it up with the exacto knife. Cut following  the line of the pattern over the parts you don't want and  peel away. The pumpkin may ooze just wipe the moisture away with a cloth.  Press firmly over all the tape and rub to make the seal tight.  Let the tape set for a while. See  photos below.

Next take your plastic lay it down on the ground. Tape some to nearby walls for protection. Then lay your paper down. This absorbs drips and prevents pooling that  would ruin the texture of your paint job. The paper also allows you to turn the pumpkin without touching it.

Bring your pumpkins outside. Place them in the center of the papers. Follow the directions on the spray can. Begin spraying your pumpkin with paint from too to bottom. Let the top dry then flip pumpkin over and paint the bottom and let dry. Spin the pumkin on the paper slowly as you give it a second coat.

Let dry over night or at least 8 hrs. Peel off  the tape. Slowly  at an angle. Hold down painted portion with your fingers as you pull off tape to keep paint from peeling or cracking.

If there are drips or smudges. Take a q tip and dip it in goo gone and rub it on smudges. Use your fingernail to get them off. To give the lines more definition or to fill in gaps or holes use the nail polish or hobby paint. 

Let your pumpkin dry. If you plan to have it outside  make sure it is covered by your porch or awning so it is  protected from the rain. If you will have it out in the elements make sure to spay it with a weatherization sealent.

Display your pumkin proudly with candle votives to illuminate it. 

The pumpkin floral arrangements are easy you can use a plain pumpkin or paint a pumpkin any color you wish. Use a  Philips screwdriver to poke holes into the top of the pumpkin place dried flowers in the holes. If you want to use fresh flowers simply carve off the top and scoop out the guts. Fill the pumpkin with water  or place a small vase inside of the pumpkin and place flowers.

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