Monday, October 7, 2013

Rustic Wedding Bliss

The Happy Couple.

I met Joy at the Adorned in Grace fashion show I volunteered at. She had the winning bid for my silent auction item of styling and planning her wedding .


When Joy first came to me she had these plain bird houses and said that she wanted her wedding to be vintage and rustic. I brainstormed for days looking for ways to make these two words come together. It occurred to me that she didn't want the traditional vintage lacy Victorian sense of the word, but the vintage as in old looking and country chic vintage you find at flea markets.
I had fun tromping through the woods looking for moss, lichen and bark to put on these bird houses. I stained them with watered down, olive green paint so that the grain of the wood would come through.
She didn't have a large budget so we focused on the tables. I found these really cute faux moss covered rocks at the dollar store and bought a whole case. I then rented several apothecary jars and filled them with the rocks. I also filled vases with moss and placed bird houses in them. For the flower arrangements we used blue mason Jars.

This is the table where we set the cake and the bride and groom toasted each other

The setting was outdoors overlooking the Columbia River at the Oregon Gorge, the reception took place in a log cabin type tabernacle with an amazing ceiling. The beauty of the out doors was visible from every one of the 26 windows.

One of my favorite tricks to save money is to use the bride bouquets facing outward to the reception at the head table. This gives the appearance of centerpieces and utilizes the same flowers for the reception as well as the ceremony. cutting down on costs.

I filled out the decorations on the head table with nature vignettes using topiaries, feathers and vases with greenery.

The men wore suits with plaid ties and the woman wore olive green dresses with bronze necklaces with birds on them. The bride wore a dress that she bought from the fashion show I worked on last year. The proceeds went to rescue young people from sexual slavery. More pictures coming soon....

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