Friday, January 1, 2010

Whats hot for Spring 2010... and how to wear it now

Hey Portland- I have scoured the magazines, researched the runways and kept my eye on the street to bring you a list of must haves for Spring 2010. Of course we are all dreaming of springs sunlight and we cant wait to bare those legs in some sexy skirts, but unless you are going on a vacation we all have to come to grips with the fact that it’s still cold outside. So here we are, we're all bundled up in our bulky coats dreaming of spring. The good news? It’s time to start stocking your wardrobe with the things you will need for spring. Stores have just put out their spring goods, so now is the time to get the best selection. You won’t have to wait long to sport your latest wares because many of springs trends are hot paired with your cold weather items. When the layers come off we will all be waiting to see what you have on under that coat and ruffles, floral patterns and nudes are in! Here’s your shopping list for Spring 2010.

(1) trench coat- In a nude tone, like khaki or taupe (2) Crystal embellished anything especially shoes. A fun way to do this is to add a bunch of sparkly brooches to the lapel of your jacket. Or pair a sparkly belt with a tunic sweater or dress. (3) Ruffles- were all over the run way on dresses, jackets, even shoes. (4) Florals- were on the run way like never before. It comes as no surprise that florals are going to be super hot for spring. What would be a surprise is that florals look super chic and new paired with a twill jacket, scarf, and thigh high boots. While everyone else is in pant suits and jeans you will be fresh faced and forward thinking in your own style. (5) White shirts- a crisp under pinning to any fabulous look. White shirts are always a staple and always in style. Stock up now and you can wear them right away. (6) Wild Skins- ostrich, alligator, snake, any leather that looks lux- shoes, belts and bags, skirts, jackets whatever the heart desires. This trend is fun, you can buy in neutral shades or in bright shades like reds and purples. (7) Metallics- will continue to be in style this spring, especially in bronze and Copper tones. These shades look great with browns and other neutral tones so you can update your look now by pairing some metallic shoes with a suit or lack luster cold weather outfit. In the spring they will look chic paired with Khaki and nude tones or with animal prints

(8) Mixed Prints- were all over the run way. For this one we all have to think outside the box. Many women are intimidated by this concept because it looks rather exploratory. On the runway I saw designers mixing florals, animal prints and tribal patterns with no fear. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. For subtlety, try a floral dress with a animal print belt or clutch. If you are more adventurous mix a floral with a tribal print. Make sure that the prints have colors in common. Mimic the primary color from both patterns in your accessories and keep it all in the same tone (9) Lucite jewelry is really hot especially with the aforementioned crystal embellishments.

(10) Pastel eye shadows- I love the lavender shade by Urban Decay, Asphyxia,$16, at (11) chandelier earrings- put away the studs and pull out the big sparklers you can enjoy them now (12) Nautical stripes- always classic for spring look new paired with a cardigan and scarf a great pair of jeans and your winter boots.(13) Flowy dresses- avoid the LBD for spring you will need dresses in colorful hues and prints. These always look good paired with boots and a sweater now or wait for spring and pair them with peep toe heels and wedges.

Chances are you have many of these looks already in your wardrobe. So have fun pulling things out, that have been tucked away for the winter. Breathe new life into your day with these inspirations and make them your own.

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