Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Chanel Jacket

This is a Chanel Jacket that I am working on with a very talented friend. He will construct the jacket since he has way more experience than I do. He is showing me step by step how to do this project. I hope I will learn a lot about garment construction and be able to help as much as possible with the hands on aspects. Today 1/22 we cut out a fabric copy of the pattern and all the fabric. This is "Peaches"

This is "Peaches"

In a project like this gathering the materials and having a discerning eye for quality are crucial.
I scoured the internet, and every fabric store I could find to select the materials. After months of looking the right fabric if finally spoke to me.

The fabric I have selected is Gorgeous!!! it's a navy and white wool tweed with red, coral and fuchsia tartan cross grains running through it. The lining is going to be a beautiful navy silk.
The buttons are red lucite with brass crests on them they are fun and young but also classic. It was very hard to find the perfect buttons.

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