Monday, March 1, 2010

Fashion follows art and home decor follows fashion.

Up until now I have only posted about clothing fashion. As I look around my home and relax I recognize many things that add to a relaxing and inviting aesthetic. A beautiful life is not just about how you appear, but it is also about what you surround your self with in your daily life. I have a passion for home decor as well as apparel, so I thought I would begin to incorporate some of my home decor ideas for your viewing pleasure.

If you love yellow you are in for a treat- I found a gorgeous dress for all body types.
If you love yellow You'll love these dresses- available at Nords in size 0-24 so every woman can feel pretty for spring! Eliza J Embellished Linen Blend Dress, $140, Nordstrom.

I love the contemporary feel of this room- classic black and white with a pop of color it really makes the room cheery and modern. The sofa below is more my style. I love the vintage feel and the rich color. If I had that sofa in the room above that would be my dream living space. Funky,chic, modern very fun. I also love the chandelier, you don't have to be rich to have a beautiful chandalier. I think it adds a bit of art deco elegance to the room.
This Chair has the same feel as the dress I posted above. If you wouldn't wear yellow perhaps you can decorate with it. This would be a cute accent chair in an office or living room.

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  1. OMG. That is so funny! I have never realized that there are so many ties between current fashion and interior trends! So cool! I love that dress.