Thursday, June 10, 2010


Rain. Rain. oh its sunny? no its going to rain. Sheesh! if your anything like me your all but annoyed at the forcast. For the fashionista at heart Spring is our run way. The time of year where our wardrobe is not limited to what we can wear with our leggings and boots. We dont need to wear tights and our hair wont be mushed by hats. The crem de la crem of the whole deal is that we wont be wasting a good outfit that will be hidden under our coat most of the day. Portland Oregon. Home. I love my city but Im ready to pack up and move to Arizona, Hawaii, Hollywood? where is this SUN ive heard of in legends?

Alas it is what it is so you can bunker down and be miserable  with your long pants and soggy ankles  OR you can embrace it. This Rain gear got a make over and Im lovin it.

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