Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bird Themed Baby Shower

I recently planned a baby shower for a friend. She wanted to wait untill the baby was born to find out the sex so the typical blue or pink decorations were definatly not going to make an appearence. After consulting with her she chose cool colors. I went with a lemon yellow,  lime green and tourquoise blue because they are summery colors and can be used for both boy and girl colors. I wanted bright, happy and vibrant colors because they are fun and make more of an impact on the space.

A baby shower is about blessing the mother to be with all the little things she and the new baby are going to need once the bundle of joy enters the world.  Birds gather things to make their nests more comfortable for their baby birds this is the process of "nesting." So I thought it was appropriate to have a bird theme seeing as how she was nesting in her home making a space for the baby. Birds are very beautiful and it was not hard to find a plethera of inspiration. I also worked in a sub-theme with the polka dots which were echoed in the napkins, placemats, ribbons on the bird cage, the cupcake wrappers and the party favor bags. I browsed the web and the stores and came up with dozens of ideas that we didnt even use because to do so would have been way over  our budget and also a little over kill. What I did use filled the room with lots of beautiful details and made the shower extra special. The entire  budget  for the event including decorations, food, game supplies and party favors came to about $140.00

Party Favors

Nests were scattered through out the room full of Jordan almonds and other fun snacks such as these bird shaped crackers. The  father's name is Jordan. I felt this was a fun touch.

I coordinated with the caterer to create food  that coplemented the bird theme.  We offered a brunch menu which included marinated bacon, vegitable and potato scramble, fruit salad and quish.  We also Offered Iced Coffees and a punch made with pinapple sherbert, 7-up and orange juice. Below: Cupckakes with coconut
nests and blue berry "eggs" nested on top.

Bagels for the birds... Left nutella and pecans, Right Pumpkin,sunflower and poppy seeds grace the tope of a bagel with cream cheese spread.

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