Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Betsy Johnson gift guide

This year macys has launched an incredible gift collection with Betsy Johnson. The time peice collection is amazing. I am dying for one of those.  The array of gifts includes the beautiful jewelry and other accessories we have come to expect from Betsy Johnson. The collection also includes some unexpected suprised too, like bottle openers and penny banks. All of the products pictured here are available at macys. 


This bag comes in the color below as well.

These are just a few of my favorite peices. The array of designs is endless. She made a lot o fairy tale theme jewelry I also love like unicorns and castles and frog princes. 

These come in other styles as well. These are great gifts for the alchy's in the family or girl friends who like to have a few drinks after work.

Every girl needs a compact to check her lipstick. I love this one.

For the dog lover those are super cute ideas.

Betsy designed several Christmas ornaments this Christmas. In my family it is a tradition to get one ornament each year for all the children in the family. The ornament is supposed to symbolize some memorable event from the year. when the kids grow up and leave the nest and get married they will have enough ornaments to decorate their own Christmas trees. And they can tell their kids the stories about each ornament.

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