Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wrap it up

When I receive a gift, I think a beautifully wrapped gift is more special than being handed the item unwrapped. There's something special about the presentation of a gift. You feel special, you wonder what's inside and you savor opening this treasure. It conjures up the memory of the mermaid in splash, when Tom Hanks hands her a beautiful box, and she doesn't open it at first , because it was so beautiful.  I'm a sucker for pretty paper goods myself, I love to wrap gifts. 

At Washington square mall there is a kiosk called wrap pack.

They have a vision for space saving, innovative wrapping paper pads with a low Eco foot print. 

Each pad is 60 sq feet which is equal to 3 rolls of wrapping paper. The pad includes paper ribbons and gift cards you can cut out. It comes with hooks to hang over the back of your door to save space and avoid clutter. Each pad has interchangeable patterns that mix and match well together. The pads cost 24.95. There are three pads to choose from. 

If you run out of gift tags there are free ones available for download on their website. At  pokey

This is a small local  family business. This is the first launch of their product. I fell in love when I visited their kiosk, which is located at Washington square mall between Nordstrom and Santa. In front of bath and body works. 

Also available is custom gift wrapping for small gifts and shirt box size gifts.

Come support a local business and leave with beautifully wrapped gifts for your friends and loved ones.

If you have questions about the product  feel free to call Wrap pack at

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