Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Trend alert: the spotted fur

Fur is a big trend this winter. I support cruelty free fashion myself. I am thankful for the advancement in the quality of faux furs available.  I hope they save lives. If you do choose to buy real fur I hope you purchase upcycled fur from vintage shops, etsy or e-bay. There are many beautiful fur stoles online, that people don't want anymore, you can save a life by giving a new life to an abandoned pelt.

I am especially loving the spotted furs. There are many spotted cats cheetahs, jaguars and leapard are just a few. The spotted coat is as classic and timeless as it is edgy and new. 

You can't help but feel luxurious and vintage or feel scathingly sexy and on display when your wearing such a statement piece.

I have combed vintage shops for years looking for a spotted fur coat. I found one once, but it had a cigarette smell to it I knew would never come out. 

The past few years I've seen them in Bebe, Nordstrom, Nieman Markus. I've even seen them in children's sizes at target and boutiques. I have been waiting for lane Bryant or torrid to make one and finally they have.

This sexy number was originally $108 it's in sale now for $75. At Torrid.

Khios also has two styles that run from xs-2x. These coats are between $100-$80 depending on sales in your area. They are available on as well.

These are the coats I've located, if you ind more please feel free to pass on the info so I can share it with my readers. Follow me on onstagram @aleansimone and find other posts at #aleansimone and #aleansimonestyle

Did you know there is a difference between the cheetah, the jaguar and the leapards spots? 

We typically see these spots and call it cheetah print, but in actuality these are leapard spots. 

Cheetah spots look like this

Animal fact: did you know that cheetahs can't roar, it's true. In fact due to this inability they are  not considered to be part of the big cat family and have their own genus category.

Above is a picture of a  standard cheetah 
 And a rare King cheetah. Look at the beautiful variation on their pelts. Gorgeous.

Below is A Jaguar their spots are characterized by a wider more open  rosette than the leapard. A jaguars spots tend to be bigger than a leapard spots as well.

They are all beautiful. Which is your favorite?

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