Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The broke bank gift guide

If your like me you probably started shopping for Christmas gifts last January. I tend I plan ahead. If you didn't and your just getting started you may find that cash is running a little tight. I am a huge fan of the dollar store. If you know how to look and you have a little imagination you can turn dollar store finds into special gifts. Here are a few if my ideas.

Buy these popcorn buckets and a variety if popcorn options like kettle corn or cheese popcorn. Add the recipients favorite candy too. Then go through your DVD collection and re-gift DVDs you have watched. Or if you have the cash buy a movie you know they will enjoy.

For the dog lover the dollar store has many cute toys and novelty bones. These jars are probably only around for the holidays so snatch them up. You can buy treats and bones to fill them and give them to your furry friends. I also recently saw the mot adorable tee shirts for dogs at the dollar store. See below. 

This Christmas pickle ornament would make a great gift. This is a tradition in my house. You hide the pickle on the Christmas tree and te child that finds it gets an extra little gift. You can buy a holiday candy at the dollar store for this. You'd be giving a family new memories and a new tradition.

I am not a fan of Justin Beiber but I know a lot of little girls who are and I also know that wrapping a gift for any man in my life in this paper would make for a fun and memorable gift exchange experience. Hahah. The dollar store is amazing for finding gift wrap, bags, tape and scissors to wrap up your gifts.

If your still looking for gift ideas you could buy 4 wine glasses and a bottle of 5 buck chuck for a friend.  Or a set of four martini glass and a bottle of vodka.

For children the $ store offers tons of toys and little things kids love. You can buy a stocking and fill it to the brim with crayons and coloring books, trucks, candy, craft kits & dolls and pretty much anything you can think of.

This can also work for adults. There are many items to fill a stocking for adults too. 

A cute gift idea for a friend at the office is this toy gum all machine and a few bags I bum balls.

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