Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From Intentional design to intentional living

I always say to create the beautiful space you want you have to be willing to let go of all the ugliness. As a desugner I have to make cuts. I streamline clutter to reduce the visual impairments and distractions from the room In order to maximize the impact of the design aesthetic I want to accomplish. 

This concept applies to our inner self and overall wellness of a person as well. There's a lot of noise and emotional clutter out there. Beauty for ashes is not just about making the outside of ourselves beautiful, but it's about the entire lifestyle. It is a philosophy of intentional living. 

When designing a space or styling an event I intentionally select items you'll use that are visually rewarding as well as practical. Both form and function are equally important for a beautiful and accessible space.

In fashion this is also true. Shoes can be extremely beautiful and push the envelope in sculptural heights, but if you can't walk in them you've missed the entire point of "shoes."

I am practicing Intentional living in my personal life as well. It means I do everything for its intrinsic purpose and seek the desired outcome. 

It's like when you play basketball and you make a shot.  If you visualize the ball going in the hoop, most often it will. That focused energy makes your body and mind work together so perfectly that the ball automatically goes in.  There I used a sports metaphor for the first time in my life... Did I score some points?

Intentionality sometimes means I have to put dating in  my back pocket. I'm content enough as I am without a man.   I'm not co-dependent and I don't need to be rescued. I hope for a life partner someday, but I will not become consumed by this pursuit. 

I have goals and accomplishments to focus on. I will not settle for anything less than I deserve. I will not settle for a distraction. I am looking for something that adds value, peace, joy, encouragement and beauty to my life.

I want to glorify god in my life and I need someone  whose goal is equally yoked with mine and going in the direction of that pursuit.

Dating is anything but casual. It may be casual to you, but you can't control how the other person will feel.  

Dating is time consuming, emotionally consuming and I  have realized it is not wise to go around investing in people who nonchalantly occupy their time with "casual dating." That enterprise is rooted in selfishness and ego. When did we as a culture become so cavalier about using each other for our own gratification?   No thanks, I'm saving my energy and sanity for my self and the future person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. 

I  do take things slow, and I'm looking for good qualities that show me someone's worth my time and attention. 

Dating should be fun and light, but it should be intentional. You should be asking yourself if this person is compatible as a partner in life and  be in a position and if an age where you are ready to begin working to build your life with someone. Not, simply dating for sport or entertainment purposes.

I hope this post inspires, encourages and blesses you in your pursuit of truth and a beautiful life. Aleansimone.blogspot.com

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