Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Service Ad: Clutter buster New Years special rates

This service is available to residents in Portland OR,  PDX/ Beaverton/ Vancouver metro areas.

I am the clutter buster. If you have clutter, piles of paper, an over stuffed garage or a non- functional closet. I can help you.

My standard rate is $25 an hour for clearing "clean" clutter and creating an organized space. 

I am offering a special rate for your New Years resolution and spring cleaning goals.  $40  includes a  consultation, a two hour organizing session, removal and drop off of usable donations  to local charities and my helpful tips for maintaining the organization of your new functional spaces. 

This offer is valid now through May. This is a $10 savings.  This offer is only available for clean clutter* see below for information on  hoarding and hazardous conditions.

If the home has  a large hoard , excessive dust, pet hair, pet waste, mold or mildew issues, strong odors  or  safety hazards I charge $50 an hr.  These services are offered in four session installments; as these types of projects tend to take planning and more time  and energy to complete. In addition hazardous hoards  also require special equipment and ventilation.

 I can set up an assessment with you prior to beginning work. We will work together to create a safe place for you and create a plan of attack.

I can also work with you to develop  tools and skills to keep your home organized.

I have  tips and photo's of my work on my blog  if you would like to check it out, click the link below.


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